Tuesday, March 24, 2009

mari tag diri sndri..

#A:Three Names I go by


*my hubby kol me ♥yang♥

#B:Three Jobs I have had in my life

*P.A cum customer servive for sales



#C:Three Places I have lived




#D:Three TV Shows that I watch


*the nanny

*how do they do it?

#E:Three places I have been



*banyak jugak la state in M'sia yg aku dah P.. malaih nak tulih

#F:People that e-mail me regularly


*kak ina

*kak eda

#G:Three of my favorite foods

*ikan tenggiri jeruk masak asam


*ikan bakaq

#H:Three things I would like to do

*holiday with my hubby and out child

*tour the world mcm ima

*new job

#I:Three friends I think will respond.

*kak ijan

*kak liya


#J:Things I am looking forward to

*holiday wif my family. i mean.. my family (me, hubby n yasmin ONLY)

*tour d world mcm ima.. sbb aku tau hubby aku pun wish d same

*still look out for new job

1 comment:

michie said...

patut la rasa nak baca...namaku terselit rupanye ;)